If you aren’t familar with CHIRP, it’s an absolutely brilliant computerised radio programming software that is completely free. It can run on Windows, Mac or Linux and is extremely easy to use.

  1. Download and install CHIRP
  2. Download our CHIRP file at the top of this page
  3. Read your radio. This varies per radio and you’ll need the correct programming lead, COM port and radio type set.
  4. Make a note of the memory areas you want to store our repeaters in
  5. When the radio is done being read, import our CHIRP file

  6. Set the memory locations that you want to store our repeaters in. In the case below, I’ve set memory locations 21, 22, and 23.
  7. Check that the repeaters are programmed to the correct memories.
  8. Write the file back to the radio, note that on writing the file you can’t select the radio type.