Roll of Honour

All those who soldered, fitted, climbed, and engineered to get the repeaters on the air and keep them running.


Woofferton 2004 – 2021

Ciaran Fitzgerald of VTM for agreeing to the hosting at Woofferton and free facilities
Barrie Elding, Engineering Manager for continued hosting
Woofferton Riggers including Paul Fuller
Woofferton Transmitter Techs Steve Hatfield and Billy Friswell
Woofferton Antenna Engineer Mike Maskell
R Glyn Jones G4AIJ Repeater Keeper
Ian Ashford G8PWE
Dave Porter G4OYX
Matt Porter G8XYJ
John Norton G1JOD

Titterstone Clee Hill from March 2021

Muff Murfin of Sunshine Radio for the free hosting and electricity
Matt Porter G8XYJ Repeater Keeper
R Glyn Jones G4AIJ (SK)
Dave Porter G4OYX
John Norton G1JOD
Ian Ashford G8PWE
Phil Sandell G4HQB
Richard Fox 2E0FDA
Josh Marvel M0WYP
Kelvin Woodfield Electrical
Martin Carrick 


Hope Bagot 2007 onwards

Derek Small for agreeing to host the repeater on their farmland for no rental
Chris Small M0MTS for allowing connection to a supply of electricity
Dave Porter G4OYX Repeater Keeper
R G Jones G4AIJ
Matt Porter G8XYJ for mast erection
Colin Small for mast erection
Martin Swift G4NCE for the first Pye/Philips Telecoms F494 repeater
Ian Ashford G8PWE for the supply of the cabin and the first (two antenna) duplexer
Adam Willis G1MAW
Mike Maskell for the tune up of the second (single antenna) duplexer
Cliff Wilkinson for the running of the underground mains cable


Hill House, Newton, nr Leominster from 2015-2021

Geoff Wilkerson G8BPN for agreeing to host the repeater on his site and provide internet access
Matt Porter G8XYJ Repeater Keeper
Don Sutherland M0FHM who supplied the ex-GB7SY Icom D-Star repeater
Glyn Jones G4AIJ
Dave Porter G4OYX
Ian G8PWE who tuned up the duplexer
Nigel Powell G8OXG who supplied the software and expertise for the Raspberry Pi controller
Mike Maskell who rigged the mast the first time
Mike Stanford G4IIA who re-rigged the mast after a gale!
Beacon Comms for the RFS 1/2″ hard-line coaxial cable and connectors


Luston, nr Leominster from 2022

Joshua Marvel M0WYP Repeater Keeper
Kevin Babich N9IAA who supplied the RTCM and Duplexer
Dave Porter G4OYX who supplied the Yaesu DR1-X
Matt Porter G8XYJ for ideas, advice and testing
Steve Holroyd 2E0HRE who supplied the Diamond X50 antenna
Phil Hoath MW0XTK who supplied an ex-MOD rack